Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lost Dogs - "Little Red Riding Hood"

Lost Dogs - Little Red Riding Hood
1993, Brainstorm

1. No Ship Coming In
2. Imagine That
3. You Satisfy
4. Bad Indigestion
5. Dunce Cap
6. Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson
7. Precious Memories
8. Rocky Mountain Mines
9. Jimmy
10. Eleanor, It's Raining Now
11. Free at Last
12. Red, White, and Blue
13. I'm a Loser
14. No Room For Us
15. Pray Where You Are
16. Goodship Lollipop (Hidden Track)

There are some albums in my collection that are crystallized in my mind. Album that remain my favorites no matter what music I'm getting into or what's going on in my life. This is one such an album. Part of that has to do with nostalgia, of course. But a lot of it has to do with this being an amazing album. It was my first Lost Dogs disc that I got because Terry, Gene, Mike, and Derri were all in bands that I loved. So... needless to say I loved almost every tune on here. "Dunce Cap" is one of my favorite songs ever. "Jimmy" is a heartbreaking tune about visiting a friend, "Red White and Blue" recalls protest songs from the 70's, and "Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson" is an ode to the Beach Boys frontman. Probably one of my favorite tracks is the mysterious ballad "No Room For Us." The only song I really don't like is "Precious Memories" because, as I've said be fore, I hate southern gospel music with a passion.

Useless Fact: I saw these guys in concert and I kept shouting out "Dunce Cap" for them to play but they wouldn't do it. It made me sad.

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  1. Dunce Cap rules! I covered it on a Lost Dogs tribute album years ago though compared to Gene my voice sounds like a cheese grater being tossed into a wood chipper that's running with a missing spark plug and has water in it's gas tank.