Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guardian - "Miracle Mile"

Guardian - Miracle Mile
1993, Pakaderm

1. Dr. Jones & the Kings of Rhythm
2. Shoeshine Johnny
3. Long Way Home
4. I Found Love
5. Sweet Mystery
6. Let it Roll
7. Mr. Do Wrong
8. Curiosity Killed the Cat
9. Sister Wisdom
10. The Captain
11. You & I
12. Do You Know What Love Is?

Miracle Mile continues in the same mold as Fire and Love. It's a little bit more commercial than the last one too. There's a few more ballads on this one but there's also songs like "Long Way Home" and "Let it Roll" that are just wide open. I also really like the acoustic "The Captain."

Useless Fact: This was the last album the band did in this style. They went on to produce an acoustic album and then went alternative.

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