Monday, December 14, 2009

Mortification - "Primitive Rhythm Machine"

Mortification - Primitive Rhythm Machine
1995, Intense

1. Primitive Rhythm Machine
2. Mephibosheth
3. Seen It All
4. The True Essence of Power
5. Toxic Shock
6. 40:31
7. Gut Wrench
8. Confused Belief
9. Providence
10. Killing Evil

Blood World was a pretty disappointing album to me back in the day. Strangely enough, this one seemed like a return to form. It's just ol' Stevie boy this time around with help from the likes of George Ochoa and some others. This is another return to more of a thrash sound with bits of hardcore and groove thrown in for good measure. "The True Essence of Power" has the coolest groove section. "40:31" almost reminds me of the debut and "Providence" is a soaring classic metal-esque tune with guest vocals from Vett Roberts (Recon). The production is a little thin on this one but it still remains one of my favorites from this band. In my opinion, this was the last great Mortification disc that I truly loved.

Useless Fact: There are some slight differences between the Intense records version and the Nuclear Blast version of the disc. The BlabberJesus vault says the inside tray liner art is different depending on which version you have.

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