Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Prayer Chain - "Whirlpood EP"

The Prayer Chain - Whirlpool EP
1992, Reunion

1. Mercy
2. Some Love
3. Shine
4. I Believe
5. Follow Me
6. Whirlpool

I used to be a pretty big Prayer Chain fan but not so much anymore. Out of all the Prayer Chain stuff I had this is the only thing I ever have the desire to listen to. I don't think Shawl has aged very well and it's depressing to boot. I was never that into Mercury in the first place so I don't ever listen to that either. That leaves this little EP. It's buoyant, bouncy alt-rock with some atmospheric elements added in. It's pretty cool and when it first came out my friends and I were all waiting with anticipation for a full length. "Shine" was most people's favorite though I really liked the lyrics to "Some Love" which was a call for acceptance for people whom the church at the time didn't really care about. Steve Hindalong of The Choir produced.

Useless Fact: The band got to hating "Shine" so much that when they finally did put together a full album the lyrics in the very first song went "Shine is dead!"

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