Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Norma Jean - "O' God, the Aftermath"

Norma Jean - O' God, the Aftermath
2005, Solid State

1. Murderotica
2. Vertibraille
3. Bayonetwork
4. Dilemmachine
5. Coffinspire
6. Liarsnic
7. Disconnecktie
8. Absentimental
9. Charactarantula
10. Pretendevor
11. Scientifiction

You might be wondering why I bother to put this Norma Jean puke up on my site given my contempt for their music. The reason is simple... my hatred must have a voice! This album sounds exactly like the last one. I don't even know how you'd tell them apart. If there's one band that proves I'm an old man then this would be it. I don't even know how someone can even listen to this. What's with the rhythms? It's all stilted jerking and never seems to settle into anything remotely resembling a song. Ugh!

Useless Fact: There's more to the song titles that what I've typed, but it's just more drawn out pretentious nonsense that I'm sure the band thought was really cool and deep but is, in actuality, just stupid.

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