Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seventh Angel - "Lament for the Weary"

Seventh Angel - Lament for the Weary
1991/2008, Metal Mind

1. Recollections of a Life Once Lived
2. Life in All its Emptiness
3. No Longer a Child
4. Full of Blackness
5. Lament for the Weary
6. Woken By Silence
7. Falling Away From Reality
8. Dark Shadows
9. Passing of Years
10. Secure in Eternity
11. Farewell to Human Cries
Bonus Track:
12. The Turning Tide

Seventh Angel's second album is a progressive thrash masterpiece! The band slows down just a bit and I think the guitar is a bit chunkier and more "full" sounding if that makes any sense. Lament is an album full of infectious riffs and the little melodic touches here and there. I've never heard anything official but I'm pretty sure this is a concept album about a person struggling with the effects of sexual abuse. In fact, someday when I have time I'd like to write a little column about the "story"... if I ever find some free time.

Metal Mind's reissue of Lament is similar to that of The Torment - a digipak with a bonus track from The Dust of Years on it. The liner notes are the same as the ones from The Torment which I think is kind of lame. Oh well... good to have this on CD again!

Useless Fact: Rodney Matthews painted the cover for this one like he did for the previous. If I ever make a metal album I'm totally getting Rodney Matthews to paint the cover.

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