Saturday, December 19, 2009

Precious Death - "If You Must"

Precious Death - If You Must
1994, Metro One

1. You Can't Break Me
2. You're Gone, I'm Here
3. If You Must
4. All Over Now
5. Blindside
6. Oscillating Fullwave Bridge Rectifiers
7. Some New Song
8. E
9. Death Trap
10. Outside My Window
11. I Remember
12. So Far Away
13. Moments

The band jettisons most of their groove elements and focuses more on heaviness and experimentation. Check out the novelty track "Oscillating Fullwave Bridge Rectifiers" or the um... "unique" album closer "Moments" (the odd stop/start rhythm is a tad jarring as well as the strange downtuned chord). Still this disc is still pretty good but can't overcome the sheer awesomosity of the debut, unfortunately. I like it alright but it's far from a timeless classic.

Useless Fact: After this disc all the original members left the band leaving Chris Scott by himself. He proceeded to turn Precious Death into an alt-rock suckfest and, unlike Blackball, I have no happy, fuzzy memories to make that steaming pile seem better than it actually was.

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