Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lost Dogs - "Scenic Routes"

Lost Dogs - Scenic Routes
1992, Brainstorm

1. Scenic Routes
2. You Gotta Move
3. Built For Glory, Made to Last
4. Bullet Train
5. The Fortunate Sons
6. The New Physics
7. I Am a Pilgrim
8. Lord, Protect My Child
9. Amber Waves Goodbye
10. Bush League
11. Old and Lonesome
12. I Can't Say Goodbye
13. Why is the Devil Red?
14. Smokescreen
15. The Last Testament of Angus Shane
16. Hard Times, Come Again No More
17. Breathe Deep (The Breath of God)

I didn't get to hear this album until just a year ago or so. I heard the first track and loved it immediately. I also love "The Fortunate Sons" but pretty much anything Gene does is okay with me. "The New Physics" kind of reminds me of "Dunce Cap" a little with the guitar effects. For me there's just a few too many ballady country songs. I know that was supposed to be the point of this whole exercise but I don't like it as much on this one. I think a few of the songs are filler. "Amber Waves Goodbye" would be one... and I HATE "I Am a Pilgrim." I can't stand southern gospel so yeah... no surprise there. Though I do love the accapella "Hard Times, Come Again No More." So sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to what I like! This disc is way out of print so if you can find one, get it and hold on to it...

Useless Fact: Man... Gene must have really had something against George Bush, Sr. back in the day. There was "Worldwide" on Adam Again's Dig and "Bush League" on this one.

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