Saturday, December 19, 2009

Precious Death - "Southpaw"

Precious Death - Southpaw
1993, Metro One

1. Southpaw
2. Shine
3. Hello
4. No-Can-Do
5. Strange To Me
6. Talk About the Weather
7. King of Siam
8. Force Fed
9. One Day to Live

Precious Death was a unique metal experience. At once crushingly heavy yet melodic and full of groove these guys were unlike any metal band out there. I was sold the moment the guitars kicked in with that crunch riff in "Southpaw." Not to mention just a pinch of funk that the band injected into their sound on songs like "Shine" and "Strange to Me." Part of that has to do with the awesome, spine-warping and prominent bass guitar. Chris Scott has an awesome voice that, yes, while a little reminiscent of Cher, was also completely unique in the metal scene. You're just going to have to track some down to see what I mean.

Useless Fact: On "Shine" Chris Scott sings lines from "Fall On Me" by King's X.

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