Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PFR - "Goldie's Last Day"

PFR - Goldie's Last Day
1993, Sparrow

1. Walk Away From Love
2. By Myself
3. That Kind of Love
4. Dying Man
5. Spinnin' Round
6. Goldie's Last Day
7. Satisfied
8. I Don't Understand
9. Mercy Man
10. Shine
11. Wait For the Sun

I've never been a huge fan of PFR but I do enjoy this one on occasion. Their sound is a little bit too much... um... "Christian radio" for me, if that makes any sense. Still they've got great harmonies and the title tracks is about their poor dog. I have dogs myself so I relate. "That Kind of Love" is an acoustic track with a shoebox providing the percussion.

Useless Fact: Drummer Mark Nash was married to the vocalist for Sixpence None the Richer for a time.

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