Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Passafist - "Passafist"

Passafist - Passafist
1994, REX

1. Emmanuel Chant
2. Glock
3. Christ of the Nuclear Age
4. Love-e900
5. Appliance Alliance
6. Street Fighting Man
7. The Dr. Is In

After the sad demise of Chagall Guevara a couple of the members went on to form Passafist. Passafist is an industrial band that, thankfully, sounds nothing like Mortal, Circle of Dust, Under Midnight, or even NIN. They have a bit more of an alt-rock sound - sort of a techno Chagall Guevara. There's some dang good music here to be had including a cover of "Street Fighting Man" originally by Rolling Stones, I think.

Useless Fact: There are two different covers for this one. The one above I have but some of my fellow Christians got their panties all in a bunch over it so there's another one that's all black.

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