Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ordained Fate - "Ordained Fate"

Ordained Fate - Ordained Fate
1992, Wonderland

1. Let's Make a Deal
2. Gethsemane
3. Holy Wars
4. Wonderful Love
5. Gold Cross
6. Tame the Tongue
7. The Election
8. One of the Insane
9. No Death

Female-fronted metal. Hmmm... most people don't like that sort of thing but I think it really works for Ordained Fate. The music is quality heavy metal and the vocalist works with the music which is a bit of a surprise. "Gethsemane" is probably my favorite tune off this one. A good little metal disc to have if you can find it.

Useless Fact: Ordained Fate put out one more album before calling it quits.

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