Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mad at the World - "Through the Forest"

Mad at the World - Through the Forest
1992, Frontline

1. That Lonesome Road
2. Trapped
3. Lost In the Forest
4. If I Lose My Way
5. Always Be My Love
6. M.A.T.W. (Reprise)
7. Alone
8. I've Got a Heaven
9. I'll Never Go Back There
10. If I Can Dream

This was Mad at the World's most popular and successful album. And guess what? It's full of the same quality hard rock the band has been putting out for a few years. Probably the only song I really can't stand is "I've Got a Heaven" because, man, is that one boring ballad. Don't care for that one at all. Other than that - another great one from a great band.

Useless Fact: This disc has another song from the band's debut, "M.A.T.W." I don't know what kind of pop song it was, but it makes a stellar rock song.

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