Friday, December 11, 2009

Metallica - "...And Justice For All"

Metallica - ...And Justice For All
1988, Elektra

1. Blackened
2. ...And Justice For All
3. Eye of the Beholder
4. One
5. Shortest Straw
6. Harvester of Sorrow
7. Frayed Ends of Sanity
8. To Live is To Die
9. Dyer's Eve

This is my favorite Metallica offering to this day. ...And Justice For All is technical, brutal, majestic, and beautiful. Thick chunky riffs dominate this record and the band is at their most serious. I know that when some one claims "Blackened" as their favorite Metallica song, that they are a more sophisticated fan than the average "Enter Sandman"-tard.

Useless Fact: This is the last album to contain riffs written by Cliff Burton.

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