Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mad at the World - "The Dreamland Cafe"

Mad at the World - The Dreamland Cafe
1995, Frontline

1. On the Stage
2. The Dreamland Cafe
3. Floating Down a River
4. I Need You
5. Still a Way to Heal
6. Another One is Fooled Again
7. Living in the Shadows
8. This is How We Get To Heaven
9. Don't End Your Dreams
10. If It Were the Last Day

Okay... remember that consistency I was talking about? Well... it's not on this one. Abandoning fully the hard rock style the band now embraces an alternative style heavily influenced in 60's pop. I like "On the Stage" and "The Dreamland Cafe" but after that I just can't get into this one. It's too much of a stretch... and really, I don't think the songs are as good. Also, the lyrics are kind of on "love" overload. It's like they had a competition to see how many times they could cram the word "love" in the lyrics. Eh... definitely my least favorite here. This was also their last official album.

Useless Fact: Roger's got some solo material that sounds more like this, so if you like this then you might want to check out his stuff.

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