Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Choir - "Flap Your Wings"

The Choir - Flap Your Wings

1. Flap Your Wings
2. Shiny Floor
3. Mercy Lives Here
4. Hey Gene
5. Sunny
6. Flowing Over Me
7. Cherry Bomb
8. I Don't Mean Any Harm
9. A Moment in Time
10. Beautiful Scandalous Night

I think this is the first Choir disc that I didn't fall immediately in love with. In fact, I think it's probably one of the weaker discs in their catalogue. I really like the tribute to the late Gene Eugene ("Hey Gene") and I like the psychedelic fuzz of "Shiny Floor" AND I like the album closer "Beautiful Scandalous Night." Then there's tunes like "Flowing Over Me," "I Don't Mean Any Harm," and "A Moment in Time" that really aren't very innovative or fresh and not up to the high standards of the usual Choir record. Now I would say that this disc is far from being bad but being stacked up against the likes of Circle Slide or Speckled Bird it doesn't really work as well for me.

Useless Fact: Mike Knott painted the cover art.

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