Monday, November 16, 2009

Deliverance - "Assimilation"

Deliverance - Assimilation
2001/2007, Retroactive

1. The Limitless Light
2. From the Beginning
3. Assimilation
4. The Circle
5. Sell Your Soul...
6. The Search
7. The Learned Man
8. Between 2 Worlds
9. Impressions
10. Save Me From...

I was so happy when I heard that D was recording new material I just couldn't contain myself! I immediately ordered it from Indie Dream as soon as I could and waited weeks and weeks until it came in the mail. It did... I ripped that baby open and was in D heaven! It was almost like they'd never broken up in the first place! Assimilation was an attempt by Jimmy to meld the industrial/electronica of his other band Fearful Symmetry with the D heaviness. I think he did a great job. It's heavy with little hints of industrial but not really a stretch from Camelot at all. Over the years I haven't gone back to this one as much as the others. I think some of the tracks aren't quite as strong, especially "The Search" and "Save Me From...".

The Retroactive reissue comes with a second disc full of demos. I confess I haven't listened to it because I'm usually not a huge demo-type person. I hear they the first tracks that Jimmy recorded using ProTools.

This one is also "Christmas music." A lot of D is "Christmas music" for me.

Useless Fact: I wonder what happened to Indie Dream? They sure disappeared fast! Also... I think there was supposed to be a letter from Pastor Ahyh of printed in the liner notes but got taken out. I wonder why?

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