Monday, November 23, 2009

Saviour Machine - "Saviour Machine II"

Saviour Machine - Saviour Machine II
1996, Intense

1. Saviour Machine I
2. The Gates
3. Enter the Idol
4. The Hunger Circle
5. Child in Silence
6. Ascension of Heroes
7. Paradox
8. The Stand
9. American Babylon
10. Ceremony
11. Overture
12. Love Never Dies
13. Saviour Machine II

I don't like this one nearly as much as the last. It's far more piano-centric this time around. Granted there are some good guitar parts here and they take on a bit more of an eastern sounding flair. And the whole thing is way more theatrical. There are absolutely no hooks here. This is big, big music that you can't just digest in one sitting if at all. If you haven't fallen asleep after "The Stand" then my hat is off to you. After all, the song is a 15 minute lamentation about all the crap they got for the last album. If you like that sort of piano-balladry you'll probably really like this one, but if you loved the brilliant fusion of sounds from the first album you may be bored to tears here like I was. I do like "Child of Silence" though. After this the band attempted to write an EPIC EPIC EPIC series of albums about Revelation - which they haven't finished yet if I remember correctly.

Useless Fact: This was released a couple of times on different labels and even had a different cover. I put the cover I have.

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