Monday, November 16, 2009

Deliverance - "Intense Live Series, Volume 1"

Deliverance - Intense Live Series, Volume 1
1993, Intense

1. In Studio
2. Surrender
3. No Love
4. In Studio 2
5. This Present Darkness
6. In Studio 3
7. Stay of Execution
8. In Studio 4
9. The Call
10. In Studio 5
11. No Time

The Intense Live Series was supposed to give fans a taste of bands in a live setting without shelling out the money to record an actual show. I don't know if it really worked like it was supposed to, but D's offering isn't half bad. The cover of Stryper's "Surrender" is amazing. Wish that could have gone on an official album somewhere. The other tracks are decent and the studio goofery is kind of funny, but I think I'd rather just have an actual live disc.

Useless Fact: Other discs came out for Tourniquet, Rose, Die Happy, and Mortal. Oh, and if you put each disc together they form a little guitar on the spine of the CD case.

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