Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jupiter VI - "Back From Mars"

Jupiter VI - Back From Mars
2006, Retroactive

1. Back From Mars
2. The Human Endeavor
3. Mimes XIII.II
4. Corporate Stiff
5. From Here Til Ever
6. Passions
7. In A World Of...
8. All Day and All of the Night
9. Through the Speakers (Alien Synth Mix)
10. Lucidia
11. Brand New Day
13. Zeruch Von Mars

Jupiter VI is a side project of Jimmy P. Brown from Deliverance and features a lot of old D members such as Manny Morales and Brian Khairullah. It's not metal at all but 70's glam rock like David Bowie. I like it but I don't really go back to it as much - I really have to be in the mood for this one. I think some of the lyrics are cheesy, like in "Mimes XIII.II" where he sings about seeing a kite floating in the sky and how it brings a tear to his eye. I really dig the cover of Daniel Amos' "Through the Speakers" though. And "Corporate Stiff" almost sounds like something that could have been on DA's Doppelganger.

Useless Fact: "All Day and All of the Night" is another cover by some 60's band and I can't remember who they are and I'm too lazy to look it up.

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  1. I thought I was the only person wih this album. I took a chance, after reading a review, and really liked it. Very retro. I think he pulls off the whole Bowie/Glam thing really well. And I can forgive the occasionally cheesy lyric (since it's only occasional), and especially since I don't think one can do an authentic Bowie/Glam trip without the occasionally cheesy lyrical detour along the way.

    "All Day and All of the Night" was originally a hit for the Kinks, in 1964.