Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Klank - "Still Suffering"

Klank - Still Suffering
1996, Tooth & Nail

1. Time
2. Downside
3. Burning
4. Scarified
5. Deceived
6. Animosity
7. Fall
8. Disease
9. Leave
10. Woodensoul

Klank sounds like a more guitar-centric version of Circle of Dust. Not surprising since Klank played guitar for Circle of Dust during their concerts. I like it just fine. It's got Scott Albert's fingerprints all over it right down to the sound effects. Basically, if you like Circle of Dust, you'll probably like this too. And as you can tell by the song titles this is a bright and cheery album about rainbows and puppies and enjoying life..... NOT!

Useless Fact: The man known as Klank is also known as Dred on the Argyle Park album.

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