Friday, November 13, 2009

The Donnas - "Gold Medal"

The Donnas - Gold Medal
2004, Atlantic

1. I Don't Want to Know (If You Don't Want Me)
2. Friends Like Mine
3. Don't Break Me Down
4. Fall Behind Me
5. Is That All You've Got For Me?
6. It's So Hard
7. The Gold Medal
8. Out of My Hands
9. It Takes One To Know One
10. Revolver
11. Have You No Pride?

The Donnas play straight up 70's inspired guitar rock. My wife and I originally got this CD on LaLa (back when LaLa was actually useful) because she liked the song "Fall Behind Me." I like that track too, and "Gold Medal." The rest of the tracks all kind of sound the same and the vocalist (I forgot her name) has zero range. She's not unpleasant or anything - she just stays in that same middle range. Don't listen to this much...

Useless Fact: I think this is the first album where the girls used their real names instead of "Donna."

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