Monday, November 16, 2009

Deliverance - "Learn"

Deliverance - Learn
1993, Intense

1. Time
2. 1990
3. Learn
4. Who Am I?
5. Renew
6. The Rain
7. Reflection
8. In the Will
9. Desperate Cries
10. Sanctuary

I remember when Learn came out because it was a total surprise. I walked into the Christian bookstore I used to frequent at the mall and there it was. I think this is my absolute favorite D album. It sees the band moving even farther away from their speed metal roots into more of a melodic, mid-paced groove oriented style. I have a lot of good memories of this one taking walks around my neighborhood listening to this and just having some good times with God. "Sanctuary" is another Daniel Amos cover and one of the finest songs D have in their catalogue.

Useless Fact: In "Renew" the lyrics go "Even dead you still seem sad." I've always wondered if that's a reference to Queensrcyhe's Operation: Mindcrime album. This album also has some insightful notes by Terry Taylor.

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