Monday, November 9, 2009

Daniel Amos - "Fearful Symmetry"

Daniel Amos - Fearful Symmetry
1986, Frontline

1. A Sigh for You
2. The Pool
3. Sleep, Silent Child
4. Neverland Ballroom
5. Strong Points, Weak Points
6. Instruction Through Film
7. When Moonlight Sleeps
8. Sudden Heaven
9. Shadow Catcher
10. Beautiful One

Upon hearing the opening notes for "A Sigh For You" you know that Fearful Symmetry is going to be another unique experience. As a contrast to the rest of the Chronicles this one is a lot darker - full of lush synth arrangements which are now center stage for most tracks. I like this one too but I think this is probably the least accessible of the four. "Sudden Heaven" manages to combine keyboards and a country riff and in my opinion is the strangest track on here.

Useless Fact: Throughout the tours for these four albums the concerts consisted of big mult-media presentations with videos, costumes, etc. Man, I wish I could've seen that when they were doing that.

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