Monday, November 9, 2009

Daniel Amos - "Alarma!"

Daniel Amos - Alarma!
1981/2013, Born Twice

1. Central Theme
2. Alarma!
3. Big Time - Big Deal
4. Props
5. My Room
6. Faces to the Window
7. Cloak and Dagger
8. Colored By
9. C & D Reprise
10. Through the Speakers
11. Hit Them
12. Baby Game
13. Shedding the Mortal Coil
14. Endless Summer
15. Walls of Doubt
16. Ghost of the Heart

I first heard of Daniel Amos back when Motorcycle came out so I've only a vague familiarity with the fabled Alarma Chronicles when I first started liking the band. I then heard the quirky "Faces to the Window" on some M8 sampler years later. Finally, I was able to hear this first part to the Chronicles entirely. I love it. The whole album is full of quirky little songs like "Faces to the Window." I guess people call it New Wave but it doesn't sound like any New Wave I've ever heard. I think it's a good sign for a band when you can't say exactly who or what they sound like but you can hear who they've influenced. I immediately thought of Deliverance's later works during the chorus of "Central Theme." This album has finally been rereleased by Born Twice records as a two disc special edition. That's the one I have and it's dreamy. Definitely worth picking up if you don't have it.

Useless Fact: Jupiter VI covered "Through the Speakers." I love both versions - that's how good a song that is.

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