Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Daniel Amos - "Bibleland"

Daniel Amos - Bibleland
1994, BAI

1. Broken Ladders to Glory
2. Bible Land
3. Theo's Logic
4. Low Crawls and High Times
5. Bakersfield
6. Out in the Cold
7. The Bubble Bursts
8. Pete and Repeat
9. Constance of the Universe
10. I'll Get Over It
11. She's Working Here
12. Stone Away

This is the band's "angry" album. It's dirty, gritty, loud, raw and happens to be one of my favorites! Many fans don't cite this one as a favorite but me, being the metal head at heart that I am, love it. The album almost fools you into thinking it's something else with the mid-paced, chorus-laden "Broken Ladders to Glory" then kicks into gear with "Bibleland" and doesn't really slow down until "I'll Get Over It." It's a simple rock record, nothing more. I don't care what anyone says I'll defend this album til my dying breath.

Useless Fact: Terry says "damn" in "She's Working Here" and I'm pretty sure the cuss word wasn't in the liner notes of the first pressing, but it is on the one I have. I'm surprised this didn't cause any controversy...

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  1. Hey, this is one of my DA favs, and it's just like you said: simple rock 'n' roll...but it's so darn good. This is probably the DA record I've listened to the most, right up there with Alarma and Doppelganger.