Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Detritus - "If But For One"

Detritus - If But For One
1993, REX

1. Masquerade
2. So Far Away
3. D.I.G.M.
4. Let Peace Begin With Me
5. Feel
6. Blindly Rejected
7. If But For One
8. Sailor's Farewell
9. Father To Son
10. Painted Reality
11. As It Rains
12. Subtle Shades

I think I like this one better than the last one. It's still got the same cool riffs but the songs themselves are more creative here. There's a saxophone in "Blindly Rejected," a piano in the title track, and I even like the pirate song, "Sailor's Farewell." None of this sounds gimmicky either it's actually a little extra spice that gives the album some variety. Of course if you want pure metal they've got that too. "Let Peace Begin With Me" and "Painted Reality" are more akin to the first album. "Subtle Shades" is a nice quiet postlude to a quality album. This will forever be "Christmas music" to me because I remember getting it around that time.

Useless Fact: A few members of Detritus went on for a band called Firefly.

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