Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Choir - "O How the Mighty Have Fallen"

The Choir - O How the Mighty Have Fallen
2005, Galaxy21

1. O How the Mighty Have Fallen
2. Nobody Gets a Smooth Ride
3. She's Alright
4. Enough to Love
5. Terrible Mystery
6. We Give We Take
7. Fine Fun Time
8. How I Wish I Knew
9. Mercy Will Prevail
10. To Rescue Me

Steve Hindalong says about this album that they had "no commercial aspirations, just ten more feathers to offer to the wind." What's ironic is that they have quite possible crafted one of the finest records of their career. Yeah... just as good as Circle Slide, Speckled Bird and all the rest. The whole album is like putting on that worn comfortable pair of shoes or easing into a hot bath. The songs are amazing, tragic, and beautiful with emotional tunes like "How I Wish I Knew" about the moodiness of Steve's daughter or "Mercy Will Prevail" - a poignant look at faith in the face of doubt ("I want to swear it's true/But it's hard to defend it..."). I also love the peppy tracks "Nobody Gets a Smooth Ride" and "Fine Fun Time" I thought that Flap Your Wings sounded a bit tired, but here the band is rejuvenated and as fresh as they ever have been.

Useless Fact: The band permanently added Mark Byrd as a member for this album.

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