Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Die Happy - "Volume II"

Die Happy - Volume II
1993, Intense

1. Sticks and Stones
2. Justified
3. Love Sick Dog
4. Tear Gallery
5. Blue
6. Talk (Speak Your Mind)
7. Eden
8. Cole's Atomic Funk Thang
9. Temple of Soul

While the first Die Happy disc was largely written by guitarist Doug Theime, the second Die Happy platter was headed by Robin "Kyle" Basuri (now listed as a full member) and new bassist Greg Chassion (who used to play for Badlands). The result is a bit more blues mixed in with the metal. It's not quite as heavy as the debut but that doesn't make it any less good. Actually I think I like this just as much. I dig some of the slower songs like "Blue" and "Temple of Soul." I just wish there were more songs.

Useless Fact: Basuri and Chassion went on to form Red Sea after this disc which is actually a continuation of the sound on this album. I never liked that one though. I don't know why.

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