Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dakoda Motor Co. - "Into the Son"

Dakoda Motor Co. - Into the Son
1993, Myrrh

1. Wind an' Sea
2. Grey Clouds
3. Need a Love
4. Ocean Seems
5. Only the Beginning
6. Everything
7. Sondancer
8. Wasteland
9. Freedom
10. All Good Generals
11. Sing Hallelujah

Was it okay to put out happy music in '93? Dakoda Motor Co. somehow managed it and the world is a little bit better for it I think. Dakoda Motor Co. play a brand of surf-pop/rock that's all about the beach, the waves, the sun, and it makes you feel good. Davia's vocals are smooth but a little on the nasally side - a fact I noticed having listened to this album again after twelve years or so. Also, the lyrics have a few too many sun/son puns for me. Despite the puns this remains one of my favorite albums and I listen to it quite regularly. While this is tailor made for summer listening, I got it in the fall so to me it's always been fall music. It was the fall of my first year in high school and it is linked very strongly with Nickelodeon's SNICK line-up, specifically Roundhouse. Lots of warm fuzzies with this one...

Useless Fact: The first pressings of this disc just said "Dakoda" because the band didn't know there was another Dakoda out there. All subsequent pressings had "Dakoda Motor Co." on them. I had a first printing of the tape and I got rid of it a long time ago. Doh!

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