Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Loeb, Lisa - "Tails"

Loeb, Lisa - Tails
1995, Geffin

1. It's Over
2. Snow Day
3. Taffy
4. When All the Stars Were Falling
5. Do You Sleep?
6. Hurricane
7. Rose-Colored Times
8. Sandalwood
9. Alone
10. Waiting For Wednesday
11. Lisa Listen
12. Garden of Delights
13. Stay

It's too band that Lisa Loeb will probably be remembered by the general public as "that girl with the glasses that sang that one song." That song being "Stay" of course. I say it's too bad because the whole album is really good. Full of pleasant acoustic pop songs that are infused with the NYC coffee-house vibe. So much so that you can almost smell the coffee brewing and hear college students talk about how they know everything! Songs like "Waiting for Wednesday" and "Rose-Colored Times" bop along at a decent pace and are perfect for long car rides. If you only know her for "Stay" I recommend you give her a chance.

Useless Fact: On this album Lisa had a band called Nine Stories but were never heard from after this. How much press do you think they got?

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