Monday, November 9, 2009

Daniel Amos - "Darn Floor - Big Bite"

Daniel Amos - Darn Floor - Big Bite
1987/2008, Arena Rock

1. Return of the Beat Menace
2. Strange Animals
3. The Earth Household
4. Darn Floor - Big Bite
5. Safety Net
6. Pictures of the Gone World
7. Divine Instant
8. Half Light, Epoch, and Phase
9. The Unattainable Earth
10. The Shape of Air

So you've finished a four album cycle of some of the most creative music ever, what do you do? Well, if you're Daniel Amos you regroup and put out the best record of your career up until that point. This album came out in 87, but it could have come out in '97 or even '07. It just doesn't sound like anything out there before or since. It's the very definition of "alternative rock" in that it's anything but pop. The band was probably at their most experimental here but what's really the highlight is Greg Flesch's guitar playing. All those keys on previous albums are eschewed and the guitar takes center stage. It's really amazing to hear how atmospheric the album can be with just the guitar. This has recently been rereleased with a bunch of extras so now's the time to snag it if you haven't done so already.

Useless Fact: This album was not well received when it was first released. You might not like it at first either, but give it a chance. It'll grow on ya!

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  1. One thing which makes this album different is how it was composed. Instead of Terry coming in with songs these were, for the most part, formed by Tim living at Greg's house/apartment for a couple of weeks while they sat around and came up with these odd melodies and parts. Terry then took these unique raw bits and gave them structure and lyrics and his brand of polish. But at their core they are very Greg and Tim, both unconventional musicians.