Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Daniel Amos - "Motor Cycle"

Daniel Amos - Motor Cycle
1993, BAI

1. Banquet at the World's End
2. Traps, Ensnares
3. Hole in the World
4. (What's Come) Over Me
5. Buffalo Hills
6. Guilty
7. Motorcycle
8. Wonderful
9. So Long
10. My Frontier
11. Grace is the Smell of Rain
12. Noelle
13. Wise Acres
14. So Long (Again)

This is the very first Daniel Amos album I ever got. After having listened to it for years and recently getting into some of the older stuff I don't really take this one out as much. One thing I can say is that Daniel Amos never puts out the same album twice. I think I would characterize some of this as bizarre, especially "Banquet at the World's End" and "Traps, Ensnares." There's also some country flavor in "(What's Come) Over Me." "Motorcycle" starts of a seven-song cycle that while not unified lyrically is similar musically. I think I've really got to listen to this one again because, to be honest, it's been a long time. Good thing I can edit these reviews!

Useless Fact: If I recall correctly, Jerry Chamberlain came back into the fold for this one and does some vocals on "Wonderful."

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