Saturday, November 14, 2009

E.T.W. - "E.T.W."

E.T.W. - E.T.W.
1989, Forefront

1. We Are Warriors
2. Let Love Live
3. Satan, You're Cancelled
4. E.T.W.
5. Fun 4 a Minute
6. Too Busy Dissin'
7. I Want You Back in My Life
8. Shakin' Up the Joint
9. I Gotta Get Out
10. Bonus Track

I never heard any of E.T.W.'s later albums. I've gotten the impression that the later ones were a lot better (someone better informed can fill me in) and if that's the case then this debut is humble beginnings indeed. It's not really that great. The backbeats are processed, programmed, and electronic sounding. The actual lyrics are neither catchy nor memorable. There's a couple bright spots in "Fun 4 a Minute" and "Shakin' Up the Joint" but they're ruined by crap songs like "Too Busy Dissin'" or the horrible *rap ballad* "I Want You Back in My Life." I cannot stress enough that rap should NEVER have ballads. Ever. I will confess that I really did like this when I was 11, but after having heard it after years recently I can say... with confidence... that's it's not very good.

Oh... another weird association... I remember I got this on tape and I was home sick from school. I listened to this album and played A Boy and His Blob for the original Nintendo.

Useless Fact: There is video of me... actual MOVING PICTURES... of me in MC Hammer pants singing "We Are Warriors" for church. I have to hunt that tape down and destroy it so as not to infect anyone else with its evil. I've known people that have died seven days after watching it.

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