Saturday, November 7, 2009

Matthews, Dave - "Some Devil"

Matthews, Dave - Some Devil
2003, RCA

1. Dodo
2. So Damn Lucky
3. Gravedigger
4. Some Devil
5. Grey Blue Eyes
6. Trouble
7. Save Me
8. Stay or Leave
9. An' Another Thing
10. Oh
11. Baby
12. Up and Away
13. Too High
14. Gravedigger (Acoustic)

I went through a little period where I loved just about anything Dave Matthews. That time is over. I don't know what it is about the Dave Matthews Band, but I just can't listen to them anymore. There's just some sort of... I don't know... something that keeps me away. How's that for an objective review! Haha! Anyway, that's not the case with this solo album. There's only a couple tracks I would delete. The first being "Trouble" because it's really boring and the next would be "An' Another Thing" because it's nothing but Dave yowling off key for five minutes. I also don't really need another version of "Gravedigger" either.

Useless Fact: My version has a second disc with some live tracks that I couldn't be bother to list because it would involve getting up from the kitchen table and looking.

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