Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Detritus - "Perpetual Defiance"

Detritus - Perpetual Defiance
1990, Edge/White Metal

1. Subliminal Division
2. Point of No Return
3. Playing With Fire
4. Taste the Blood
5. Morbid Curiosity
6. No Mercy
7. Child
8. Eviction
9. Derange
10. O.T.T.

Detritus play thrash, pure and simple. They sound similar to Seventh Angel who came out around the same time and were on the same label but where Seventh Angel had a slightly more progressive/epic leaning whereas these guys are pretty straight-forward. I think this sounds a little bit like Ride the Lightning era Metallica with a British flavor to it. It's a great addition to any metal fan's collection if you can find it. It's out of print so you'll have to pay for it.

Useless Fact: Rodney Matthews painted the cover art. I love Rodney Matthews. He's done art for other bands like Seventh Angel and Veni Domine.

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