Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fluffy - "Go, Fluffy, Go!"

Fluffy - Go, Fluffy, Go!
1992, Blonde Vinyl

1. Little Finger Eye
2. Guitars, Guns, and Girls
3. Not Easy Being Me
4. Hulaville
5. Amboy Bound
6. Kiki Wombauk
7. Jessie's Girl
8. Princess
9. Crystal
10. White Trash
11. Little Finger Eye, Coda

Ugh! What happened here? I guess the band didn't want to do another punk record. Too bad, because I've never been able to get into this disc. I like "Little Finger Eye" and "Guitars, Guns, and Girls" is a fantastic song co-written by Mike Knott, but then the album turns into this droning wall of noise that is neither engaging nor memorable. Things lighten up a bit with the cool cover - "Jessie's Girl" but then it's back to the droning. When I finally got through this album I felt relieved that it was over. I think this is the direction the band pursued for the rest of their career which means there will be no more Fluffy discs on my Ipod or this site. I really wish they would have stuck with the punchy sound of the debut.

Useless Fact: These guys released one more album under the name Fluffy before changing it do Duraluxe. I haven' t heard anything beyond this disc, but if this one is any indication they all suck.

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  1. Now this is an awesome album. I heard it before the first one, and absolutely love it. And I love, love, love the droning.