Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Choir - "Let It Fly"

The Choir - Let It Fly
1997, Tattoo

1. Introduction
2. Circle Slide/ Sled Dog
3. Yellow Skies
4. Away With the Swine
5. Consider
6. Kissers and Killers
7. A Sentimental Song
8. Sad Face
9. Tear for Tear/About Love
10. Beautiful Scandalous Night
11. Restore My Soul

This is a fun little live disc recorded during the band's Free Flying Soul tour. I think there's a good mix of old and new songs and the sound quality is good. You can hear enough of the crowd and none of the instruments are drowned out. The guys are also a little goofy in between songs which is entertaining. All in all not a bad live offering.

Useless Facts: There's some extra stuff on the disc like videos and stuff but I never watched it. Also, in the liner notes the listener is warned not to listen to the album with headphones. I don't know why... sounds alright to me.

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