Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Firehouse - "Firehouse"

Firehouse - Firehouse
1990, CBS

1. Rock on the Radio
2. All She Wrote
3. Shake & Tumble
4. Don't Treat Me Bad
5. Oughta Be a Law
6. Lover's Lane
7. Home is Where the Heart Is
8. Don't Walk Away
9. Seasons of Change
10. Overnight Sensation
11. Love of a Lifetime
12. Helpless

If Europe was an example of everything that was wrong with 80's rock n' roll, then Firehouse is an example of everything that was right. Each and every song rocks the house with a monster hook. The band is technically proficient as well. In fact this whole album is a great compromise between commercial appeal and technical playing. Though I will say that "All She Wrote" sounds a little too similar to Ratt's "Round and Round."

Useless Fact: Firehouse went on to make three more albums. Not much of a fact I know but I couldn't really think of anything better. Sorry.

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