Saturday, November 7, 2009

D-Boy - "Plantin' a Seed"

D-Boy - Plantin' a Seed
1989, Frontline

1. Plantin' a Seed
2. Church Hoppers
3. Pick Yourself Up
4. When I Strut
5. Doggin' the Devil
6. King David
7. It's a Disease
8. G.O.D.S. Posse in Effect
9. Stompin' Satan

Oh look, D-Boy gets to be the very first rap album posted on this blog! D-Boy is pretty standard late 80's/early 90's hip-hop. You know the kind where everyone had overalls on with one strap hanging down? I like that kind of rap. It's fun. D-Boy is pretty fun too but I don't think his chops really show until track four. Up until then I think the rhymes aren't that great and the rap ballad (which I hate, rap should never have ballads) mucks up the momentum of the disc. It gets skipped every time. After that little hurdle, the album is quite pleasant. D-Boy's lyrics stop being so cliche and the beats are better. I like "Stompin' Satan" as it is an "accapella" beat box song with D-Boy rapping over it. It's cool.

Useless Fact: D-Boy made one more album before he was tragically gunned down. Luckily, he' in heaven and probably making better music than is humanly possible - so it's not all sad!


  1. I used to love listening to d-boy. I can't find him on iTunes though, how did you get it?

  2. There's two ways to get it. The first is by buying it used on Amazon, the second is to click on either the "In Defense of His Hands" link or the "Flipsidem" link and download it. It's illegal, though, if that bothers you.