Saturday, November 7, 2009

DC Talk - "Jesus Freak"

DC Talk - Jesus Freak
1995, Forefront

1. So Help Me God
2. Colored People
3. Jesus Freak
4. What If I Stumble?
5. Day By Day
6. Mrs. Morgan
7. Between You and Me
8. Like It, Love It, Need It
9. Jesus Freak (Reprise)
10. In the Light
11. What Have We Become?
12. Mind's Eye
13. Alas, My Love

So it was '95 right? Everyone wanted to be alternative - even DC Talk. Well, this is one sell-out that totally works. In fact, this is probably the best sell-out record ever. DC Talk effortlessly make the transition from hip-hop to alt rock and end up putting out the best record of their careers. What's even more strange is that it actually feels genuine. Like it wasn't just some cheap attempt at selling records. The songs have integrity and you can tell that the guys were passionate about the material. This album deserves every ounce of praise lauded on it.

Weird association time! Ready for this one? Jesus Freak and Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo. Got both of them about the same time (Christmas of '95).

Useless Fact: Track 13 is unlisted but I'm pretty sure it's called "Alas, My Love" and is one of Kevin Smith's (K-Max) poems. Eh... it's okay, but I pretty much stop at "Mind's Eye."

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