Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Daniel Amos - "Kalhoun"

Daniel Amos - Kalhoun
1991, BAI

1. Big, Warm, Sweet Interior Glowing
2. If You Want To
3. Kalhoun
4. I Will Return
5. Tracking the Amorous Man
6. Virgin Falls
7. Gloryhound
8. Prayer Wheel
9. Note to Anna
10. Father Explains
11. Gate of the World

Kalhoun is a more straight-forward album than just about any of its predecessors. There's no overarching theme and little experimentation. Honestly, it's just good old alt-rock that's pretty simple compared to what's come before. I love "If You Want To" and I think it's probably one of the best love songs I know of. The acoustic opener "Big, Warm, Sweet Interior Glowing" is awesome too. I think I spin this one less than the others but there's no specific reason that I can pinpoint other than it's not really "groundbreaking" or anything - simply pleasant.

Useless Fact: The Lost Dogs covered "If You Want To."

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