Sunday, November 1, 2009

Anthrax - "Persistance of Time"

Anthrax - Persistance of Time
1990, Island

1. Time
2. Blood
3. Keep it in the Family
4. In My World
5. Gridlock
6. Intro to Reality
7. Belly of the Beast
8. Got the Time?
9. H8 Red
10. One Man Stands
11. Dishcharge

Okay so Metallica had ...And Justice For All, Megadeth had Rust in Peace, and Anthrax has this, their most technical, heavy, and brutal release yet. This was the band at their peak. The fast a furious riffs will threaten to peel the paint off the walls. I didn't even think you could play a guitar as fast as they do in "Gridlock." They're also doing more epic songs this time around as "Time" "Blood" and "Keep in the Family" are all around seven minutes long. Thankfully, the riffs keep me entertained so it doesn't feel like seven minutes. This is definitely a prime slab of metal!

Useless Fact: This was Joey Belladonna's last album with the band. This is also the first album in a while without a Stephen King song on it.

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