Sunday, November 1, 2009

Applehead - "Meaning"

Applehead - Meaning
1992, Ocean

1. Revolutionary
2. Six Feet Under
3. Thoughts
4. Eyes of a Foolish Man
5. Sot
6. Intermittent You
7. Radical Departure
8. Monkey On My Back
9. Crutch
10. Meaning
11. Revelation

Greg Minier's (of The Crucified) second solo album is different from the thrash demo REX records released. I guess you could call it pre-grunge? There's a lot more melody here, especially in the slower songs like "Thoughts," "Intermittent You," and the title track. However, the riff in "Monkey On My Back" almost sounds like it could have been a riff from Pillars of Humanity. This isn't too hard to find these days so definitely check it out.

Useless Fact: This is the only album Applehead released. Sad isn't it?

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