Sunday, November 1, 2009

Balance of Power - "Perfect Balance"

Balance of Power - Perfect Balance
2001, Nightmare

1. Higher Than the Sun
2. Shelter Me
3. Fire Dance
4. One Voice
5. The Pleasure Room
6. Killer Or the Cure
7. House of Cain
8. Hard Life
9. Searching for the Truth

Balance of Power is an amazing band. They kind of remind me of Dream Theather if Dream Theater wrote actual songs instead of fifteen minute wankfests and had a better vocalist. Yeah... this is power metal! Tasty, tasty power metal. Lance King's soaring vocals really sell this for me - he simply wails! The songs all have great hooks and there's just enough virtuoso wizardry to make it interesting. I'm going to check out the rest of this bands catalogue, because... dang... it's good stuff.

Useless Fact: The cover shown is the European cover. I have the American cover with two stone seraphim on it. Also, the track list on the back is written in Star Trek font.

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