Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blackball - "Super Heavy Dreamscape"

Blackball - Super Heavy Dreamscape
1996, Metro One

1. Doesn't Matter
2. One More Sucker
3. Get Outta Here
4. Wither
5. Everything is Good
6. Not the Way I Want To Be
7. There Goes the One
8. If You Were Mine
9. Super Heavy Dreamscape
10. Chasing Everyone Away
11. Heart, Soul, Groove
12. Wish I Didn't Know

If I were being completely objective I would tell you that this CD isn't very good. Despite being fronted by Chris Scott of Precious Death, Super Heavy Dreamscape fails to excel in anything at all. It's not metal, it's alternative rock, and not very good alternative rock. The guitar work is very basic consisting mainly of power chords and the mastering is awful. "One More Sucker" and "Not the Way I Want To Be" are just plain noisy. Even with all that I actually enjoyed it when it originally came out, and I can still enjoy it now. Weird huh? I suppose if you were one of the two or three people that really liked Precious Death's third album, you might like this.

Useless Fact: The band made a video for "Get Outta Here." I've seen it on YouTube. It's okay. Is this a good place to mention that sometimes I think Chris Scott sounds like Cher?


  1. Personally, I loved this albulm. The message is fantastic. I was living with Pastor Bob Beeman around 1995-1996. Chris brought the demo and played it for us. I thought it was fantastic. I think it is underated.

  2. I agree, great album. Back in the day, the staff at KEFX (The Effect) would grin coyley and crank up the Blackball. We loved that the name seemed so meaningless. I loved Precious Death, and my fave was the third release "Hope". (listen at modernrock.tumblr.com/post/88658008/blackball-downtown-hope-1997-when-this-album/)