Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Carman - "Revival in the Land"

Carman - Revival in the Land
1989, Benson

1. God's Got An Army
2. I Got the Joy
3. A Witch's Invitation
4. Get Your Business Straight With God
5. This Blood
6. Saved, Delivered, and Healed
7. Jesus Is the Light
8. The Resurrection Rap
9. Shine Through Me
10. Revival in the Land

Okay... don't laugh. Yes I have a Carman CD in my collection. Not only in my collection, but I put it on my Ipod too! See I grew up in a time when Carman was just the coolest thing going. We didn't really know how cheesy he was, we just liked his music. And boy was he cheesy ("This BLOOD... is .... FOR YOU!"). I own this mainly for nostalgia but I still like to pull it out every once and awhile. I still really like "I Got the Joy" and "Jesus is the Light." Just for the record - Jesus actually is the Light. Anyway... I remember being freaked out by the demons moaning in "A Witch's Invitation" which is one of Carman's signature "story-songs" and spectacularly cheesy as well.

Useless Fact: There actually exist pictures of me... in MC Hammer pants... doing "The Resurrection Rap." Be glad you're there and not at my mom's house because she would no doubt haul them out for you to see. The horror!

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