Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chagall Guevara - "Chagall Guevara"

Chagall Guevara - Chagall Guevara
1991, Sparrow

1. Murder in the Big House
2. Escher's World
3. Play God
4. Monkey Grinder
5. Can't You Feel the Chains?
6. Violent Blue
7. Love is a Dead Language
8. Take Me Back to Love Canal
9. The Wrong George
10. Candy Guru
11. I Need Somebody
12. The Rub of Love
13. If It All Comes True

I don't know how Chagall Guevara wasn't the next big thing back in '91. This is some pretty proficient alt-rock from the likes of Steve Taylor and Dave Perkins (Passafist). "Murder in the Big House" has a definite INXS vibe, which is cool, and the whole album is just filled with great catchy songs. "Love is a Dead Language" is one of my favorites. Steve Taylor pens some pretty thought provoking lyrics this time out with nary an overcooked idea in sight. This is way out of print so it's pretty hard to find these days as far as I know.

Useless Fact: The band's name is taken from "freedom fighter" Che Guevara and an artist... Chagall presumably. I think it's a subtle cry for artistic freedom.

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