Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Choir - "Circle Slide"

The Choir - Circle Slide
1991, Myrrh

1. Circle Slide
2. If I Had a Yard
3. A Sentimental Song
4. Merciful Eyes
5. Tear For Tear
6. About Love
7. Blue Skies
8. Laugh Loop
9. Restore My Soul

I think guitarist Derri Daugherty's studio must look like a mad scientist's laboratory - full of effects pedals, sound boards, amplifiers, and equipment specifically designed to coax the most interesting and unique sounds out of his guitar. Combine this with Dan Michael's sax and lyricon and what you have is an album full of soundscapes both innovative and evocative. Once you get used to the swirling aural sensations you're presented with "Blue Skies" which showcases how the band can do so much with so little. Probably my biggest complaint about this album is that it's way too short at 9 songs!

Useless Fact: I think bassist Robin Spurs left the band during the recording of this disc because she does play bass on a tune or two.

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