Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Choir - "Diamonds and Rain"

The Choir - Diamonds and Rain
1986, Myrrh

1. Fear Only You
2. Render Love
3. All That is You
4. Black Cloud
5. I Painted Mercy
6. Kingston Road
7. Listen to Her Eyes
8. (You Do That) Triangle
9. Love Falls Down
10. When the Morning Comes

Diamonds and Rain is pretty will set in New Wave territory for the most part. However, "Render Love" and "Black Cloud" foreshadow the atmospheric, sentimental alt-rock that the band would grow into. I think I was born a little too late to truly enjoy this disc. It's not bad at all, in fact, I really like a lot of the songs - even the New Wavey ones, but usually when I go for some Choir to listen to this is one of the last on the list that I pick. No particular reason though. Oh, I should mention the cover because it is hilarious. Steve and Derri look like they lost a battle with a light socket!

Useless Fact: The original title for this album was supposed to be Love and Fear but either the producers or the label wanted something more poetic. Diamonds and Rain was what they got. I think the producers were right on this one.

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